About Us



In today’s business world, one thing that is for certain is that change is constant. Are you doing all you can to adapt to the challenges and harness the opportunities to ensure you are always moving forward?

Founded in 1998 by Anita Boudreau, Boudreau and Associates Inc. offers specialized Public Relations services and Information Technology solutions to help organizations succeed in a constantly changing world.

The company has extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients and industries across government, corporate and non-profit sectors.

Determining the right path takes a combination of deep experience and an understanding of the specific opportunities – as well as the challenges. Boudreau and Associates works with clients to deliver a customized solution tailored to meet their business goals.

Boudreau and Associates Information Technology helps organizations become more successful in the marketplace by improving the way they leverage businesses practices and technology.

Boudreau and Associates Public Relations works to help your business, product and/or initiative succeed. You may define success on how well your new product is embraced by the marketplace. It may be how well your employees embrace change in your organization. Or it may be how well you protect your corporate brand when things don’t go as planned.

Our Values:

Personalized service, senior leadership. We don’t pick a program or a solution off a shelf. We look at your business through a fresh lens with the benefit of years of experience to deliver the right program at the right time.

Integrity and transparency.  We operate with integrity in all our interactions because reputation matters – yours and ours. You can expect honest, open counsel and that we will always tell it like it is.

High standards and accountability. We deliver to the highest standards and stand behind our work.  We respect your budgets and are accountable with how we spend your resources.

Collaborative approach. We work best as a team and benefit from your insights, feedback and yes, even your criticism.

Energy and enthusiasm. We love what we do. You can always expect us to treat your business with the same energy and enthusiasm that you have for it.